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Why choose Historic Design Consulting to help you select historic paint colors for your Victorian era home or business?

There is an abundance of colorists, consultants and other professionals who specialize in Victorian-era paint colors and ornament for historic homes.  This can make selecting a consultant who is right for you and your historic architecture difficult considering their varying levels of training, education and expertise.  Historic Design’s color consultants, however, have a unique background which includes academic training in architectural history, historic paint colors and building conservation as well as hands-on experience in restoration which distinguishes us from others in the field.

19th century collection of Victorian era paint colors from Lion Brand
19th century card with paint chips from Lion Brand. Historic Design Consulting has a collection of primary sources like period color samples which we use to select our period-correct color palettes
Unlike colorists whose backgrounds are in decoration and design, Historic Design’s consultants are grounded in a graduate level education in history and architectural history.  Like any good historian, we start our research with primary sources and period color palettes rather than rely on modern authors and paint manufacturers to tell us how people painted their homes and businesses.  We know which pigments painters used and when. We know how architectural styles and aesthetic ideals evolved during the 19th century and how color palettes reflected these changes. We know that colors used on an 1850s Italianate home might not be appropriate for a 1905 Colonial Revival or Shingle Style home.
In short, we use the same materials and literature that painters used in the 19th century to write custom color reports for our clients.
Title page for John Masury's Victorian era book book on house painting
John W. Masury’s 1881 book on house painting. Period literature offers an instructive account of 19th century painting practice and theory.

Our knowledge of architectural history is supplemented by our training in building conservation. Building conservation is the modern discipline of repairing, preserving and restoring historic architecture. This includes a thorough knowledge of historic building materials and methods and the best practices to preserve them.  Indeed, many 19th century buildings present challenges that are unique to historic architecture and a background in building conservation is necessary to preserve these building’s distinguishing characteristics.

Victorian era cottage showing historic paint palette and placement
Historic Design Consulting has a library of period photos which we use to determine correct color placement.

To get your own historic paint color report for your Victorian era house or business, visit our web page at www.historic-design.com and click on the Paint Colors button in the Our Services Menu.Historic Design Consulting also benefits from hands-on experience in building maintenance and restoration.   Although academic training is important, there is no substitute for actual experience in paint preparation, window restoration and building repair.  Our expertise in modern maintenance methods as well as 19th century carpentry and house joinery using Civil War era tools and techniques makes Historic Design Consulting stand apart from other consultants and colorists.

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